Corporate Profile


CAMPHOR HOTEL a Star Hotel offers Luxury Services & Facilities at affordable pricing. The hotel consists well designed & equipped 37 various kinds of rooms. Several Guest Rooms have a panoramic view while most other rooms have a front view. Additionally, Camphor Hotel offers 24 hours Security Entrance to buildings and Rooms, safety deposit boxes, secure luggage storage, 24-hour reception and helpdesk and business amenities.
CAMPHOR HOTEL offers luxury but Affordable & Modest Relaxing environment for not only international Tourists but also for the local people looking for a nice place to spend the weekends or short vacations. Also, We offer our VALUABLE Guests excellent facilities to host special events such as seminars, private parties, etc. Also, We have a world-class Massage & SPA Package for those tourists looking for a place to relax and invest some money in their body treatment.


After reviewing different scenarios, we as a management team have decided to target Ras Al Khaimah in UAE to develop our first international standard Hotel which is named CAMPHOR HOTEL. CAMPHOR HOTEL provides the facilities to run 37 well-equipped Luxury Rooms Banquet/Party Hall/Conference rooms, Night Clubs, Discos, Restaurants & Bars, Sheesha Café, Open Air Restaurants & Bars, Massage & SPA among other services such as Gym, Business Center, Saloon, Laundry, and others.
The hotel is conveniently located to have direct access to the Airport, City Center. Differentiating the kind of service that is offered, from that of the competition, is an important factor in success. we are bound to build The CAMPHOR HOTEL as a recognized brand in the UAE & International marketplace.


Tourism has become one of the most significant industries in the whole world, being in continuous change, either due to the appearance of new types of offers, but also due to the changes on the demand side, both influenced by the globalization and the internet, which increased the number of tourists and changed their motivations and behaviors. This way, and in order to compete and grow in this industry, it is crucial to define a suitable strategy.
Camphor Hotel LLC is based on the creation of a centrally located proposed three-star hotel in Ras Al Khaimah – through the leasing of a newly constructed building in Ras Al Khaimah.
The prime objective/goal of the hotel is to offer high-class luxury but affordable accommodation, restaurants & Bars, Spa & Massage and entertainment facilities such as Night Clubs, Bars, and Discos at a very competitive price aiming primarily to reach people who come from travel for leisure & professional reasons, who enjoys the nightlife & relaxation but also the city breakers.


"Grow up on a Consolidated & Sustainable Basis, Aiming to set up a Hotel Chain and to be a reference in the Hospitality Industry.


"CAMPHOR HOTEL is dedicated to providing its VALUABLE GUESTS with the highest quality of services in a luxury still Affordable & Modest Environment. It values the place in the community within which it operates and we are working to develop those relationships and to respect and protect the Environment.

CAMPHOR HOTEL continuously strives to create value for both Owners and Investors while honoring the brand values and encouraging its Employees to develop themselves in an environment of Trust, Loyalty, Caring and more importantly the TEAMWORK.



Focus on the Customers, Promoting an Exceptional Guest Experience.


Offer a Good Service with adequate resources.


Respect the Hotel environment, treat the Co-Workers and Guests accurately, as well as, having sustainable behavior in society and the region.

Create a Mutually Trust Relationship with Hotels Guests and Shareholders.

Conduct the business Ethically and Responsible


In addition to that CAMPHOR HOTEL offers a world-class Nightlife with 8 Heart Throbbing Night Clubs & Discos & Pubs & Restaurants & Bars. Also offering excellent Food & Drinks and a traditional style sheesha caféʼ on the terrace surrounded by open sky greenery.                            
CAMPHOR HOTEL also offers access to activities in the surrounding area of RAK in association with our partners. The other regions in UAE offers amenities as can be expected of the location. Amenities available within the immediate area include: walking, hiking, bicycling, parasailing, boating and other water sports, tours of the city, and many more


To make our Guest trip smooth all the way, the CAMPHOR CONCIERGE assists with sightseeing, tour arrangements, Ticketing, transportation services, and 24 hours. We assist our Guests with everything they need, basically, we act as personal assistants to the Guest during their stay.


Camphor Hotel owned 14600 feet building with a combination of accommodation, Management office, Restaurants & Bars, Night Clubs & Discos and Spa & Massage space. The hotel has ground Floor + 5 Floors – A total of 37 different kinds of Rooms. One of the best ways to create a positive guest experience is through the use of smart landscape maintenance. A good way to start thinking about CAMPHOR HOTEL'S landscape is through the eyes of a guest. what visitors see when they first arrive at CAMPHOR HOTEL. We are developing a fresh and inviting landscape because we believe that the best way for our hotel is to make a great first impression, and create a positive experience for our guests even before they walk through the doors.


State-of-the-art security facilities
Camphor Hotel is outfitted with a state-of-the-art security system in addition to smoke alarms and a sprinkler system. This includes a CCTV (closed circuit television) system for surveillance of all public areas such as the hotel entrance, the parking lot, the Restaurants & Bars, and the Kitchen, as well as all corridors, elevators and service areas of the hotel. Professionally trained security personnel are part of the hotel staff and can be hired from a local security firm to expand any group of visitorʼs needs.


Camphor Hotel is quite popular for its great location on Airport Road, near Fanoos Roundabout, and offers pleasant accommodation in clean and comfortably furnished rooms of the 3* STANDARD Superior Hotel and rich Multicuisine Buffet Breakfast. The helpful and friendly staff always helps guests with their requests. Currently, Camphor Hotel is an excellent choice for Clients looking for a Unique & Luxury Atmosphere at an affordable price. We Believe, Today Hotels are all about brands and the many faces of one hotel chain. However, the hotel industry in UAE & Middle East region is in a period of significant evolution and opportunity. So We are building a strong brand image of our hotel among our potential customers. we want to expand our brand in other emirates of UAE.
Tomorrow, hotels will need to be about people. Hospitality will always be about experiences and connecting to people. Even in the face of new technology, evolving customer preferences, and new competitive threats, hospitality will require a human touch. We are focused on a personal and active approach that will place hotels on the same footing as the guests they serve and the owners they work with. We are committed to our guest happiness and we will be continually achieving it so that we share it with all our guests through genuine connections in each community.
As our acclaimed portfolio continues to grow, we remain committed to our signature the United Arab Emirates inspired cutting edge design, realized in each new location according to that region's history and traditions, with great respect for the local environment


CAMPHOR HOTEL is located in a very strategic place. It is on the Airport Road (Kharran Road), however very near to the City Centre (1.5 km away from Manar Mall) 400 meter away from Fanoos (Lantern Roundabout) and only 45 min away from Dubai International Airport.
It is not directly facing the main road (which provides privacy and less noise disturbance for in-house guests as well as perfect privacy for outside guests using facilities such as Night Clubs) but still visible from the main road and accessible in a very easy, fast and direct way.